About Us

Revintage is an Australia based jewellery boutique, specialising in sourcing and upcycling designer items such as buttons, bag charms, and vintage jewellery pieces to give them a new luxurious look. Our aim is to deliver unique, endearing pieces suitable for all occasions. All our pieces are hand crafted and we hold ourselves to high standards of craftsmanship. 

More than just a jewellery boutique, building customer base and loyalty is a priority for us. Customisations and requests are available, we can be contacted via our 'contact us' page. 

All our designer pieces have been authenticated and are sourced from reputable vendors. 

DISCLAIMER: Our products are not associated with any brand i.e., LV. The use of the words "LV" or any other name is trademarked by their respective owners. These terms are not owned or trademarked by us. The use of any trade name serves as navigation purposes only.